Equitas Puerto Rico

Equitas Puerto Rico

Full Service Production Services & Co-Production

Production in Puerto Rico

Equitas Puerto Rico is a full service production services and co-production entity that extends Equitas’ fair business practices to the Island, with the added advantage of having support from our team in Los Angeles.

Puerto Rico is one of the most active film and television production territories in the United States. It not only has high level, experienced crews on the island, it provides one of the highest tax rebates in the world.

Summary of Benefits

  • 40-55% tax credit rebate on all Puerto Rican qualifying spend
  • 20% on non-Puerto Rican spend

Equitas Puerto Rico is actively involved in not only production services, but also in providing training opportunities to expand diverse talent in front of and behind the camera.  Through our strong relationship to the Film Commissioner’s office, we are helping reshape the entertainment industry on the island and forge production expansion for the next decade.

If you have a project that you feel could fit production on the island, please reach out to us.

Let us introduce you to one of the most enchanting places on earth.

Team in Puerto Rico


Andres Ramirez Molina is a highly talented and experienced filmmaker with an extensive background in feature films, series and television.

He first started as an editor and composer more than 15 years ago. Slowly making the transition from audio to video, music videos, television and short films. Working his way up, collaborating with networks like “Telemundo” and “Univision” on multiple projects before later directing, producing and editing more than 15 feature films to date. Including: “Elite”, “Vico C” and “The Witness”.

Throughout his career Andres has developed and maintained the highest performance standards within a diverse range of administrative functions and responsibilities.During his time at GFR MEDIA he would oversee content acquisition, development and production, legal contracts, script writing, designing, castings and programming budgets, while constantly mining for creative concepts, innovative formats and talent. Culminating in a variety of original programming for streaming services. Including projects like “The Agency”, “Bumbia Music” and “Uncompromised”.

Further experience in addition to recording and media management includes strong background in all aspects of film development, management, pre-production, production and post-production. Including projects like  “Imprisoned”  starring: Laurence Fishburne, Edward James Olmos, Esai Morales and “Start-Up” starring: Martin Freeman, Ron Perlman, Adam Brody.